Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to the Reddit Movie Club

Welcome! This is a supplementary webspace for the Reddit Movie Club.

The Reddit Movie Club is a social place to discuss films we've seen, intended to see, never heard of, want to share with others. All genres, all languages, all movies.

However, to ensure a smooth-running operation there are a few rules in place:
  • Movie submissions and MotW discussion will take place in moderator-created posts
  • MotW will be determined by upvotes, so please: one suggestion per comment
  • When suggesting a movie please state if it is available for free viewing online (ex. Netflix, Hulu)
  • No spoilers!! Spoilers will not be tolerated except in the official discussion thread for the MotW
  • Off-topic posts will be deleted
  • Let's be nice - personal opinion regarding the films selected may vary greatly. Mocking and personal attacks are not welcome
  • Questions or suggestions for how Movie Club operates should be made here
Any additional rules we settle upon will be posted here and on the Movie Club's frontpage.

See you at the movies!

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